Module 1.

Introduction To Forex

In module one you will gain insight into what your role of a trader speculating in Forex market is and the different ways you can trade the Forex market. We then move into beginning to understand what a currency pair is and why we trade them.

7 video lessons

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lessons in this module.

What does module ONE cover?

Lessons covered in module one

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1. Introduction into forex

In the first lesson of this module you will be introduced into  the world of Forex. You will also learn what your role of a trader is and how you trade the markets.

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2. Candlesticks explained

From this lesson you will begin to learn and understand the language of the market as breakdown candlesticks and the importance they have in the markets.

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3. HHHC Candles & LLLC Candles

Candlesticks are very Important and there are many different types and in this lesson you will learn the two most important candles that there is known as 'Higher High Higher Close & Lower Low Lower Close.

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4. What Is The Forex Market?

Learn what the Forex market is, why it exists and how it allows the world as we know it too function.

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5. Currency Pairs Explained

It is important you understand what a currency pair is, why they exist and what they allow us to do. As this is what you will be spending a lot of time learning how to trade!

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6. How We Trade Currencies

There is a miss conception in Forex of how currencies are actually traded in the Forex market, as it is a concept many aren't familiar with. In this lesson you will learn everything to know how we actually Buy and Sell currencies. You need to know this information so you understand the instrument you are wanting to trade/speculate with.

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Henri Walker

Founder of F.E.T

Module 1 was created to give you a clear understanding of how to correctly understand and be able to read price action by learning the importance of candlesticks.

The concepts are basic but will serve you well as you continue to progress through the various different lessons and modules. This knowledge is the foundation that needs to be laid for your success.

Lesson Slides

There is a lot of information in this module and so you can download the slides from the different lessons so you can learn at your own pace.

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Principles Online Guidebook

We break down many different topics in this module we also advise to read the principles guidebook for a deeper understanding...

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