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With you membership at F.E.T you will experience confidence like never before because you are being guided through your trading with a professional coach at your disposal.

You will also benefit from the best educational content, unlimited market analysis from professionals and expert guidance.


What FET Members Say

"Your course is 1st class.... I love the content and how it's delivered. Its perfect for me being new to trading... I've applied some of what I've learnt from you into my trading routine and its improved my understanding of the markets and price action in particular so far!

I can't recommend this enough to others looking to learn to trade more effectively."

Benny Blanco

Andrew Roland

"The courses provided by F.E.T has absolutely changed the way I look at the price charts and how I now approach my trading. It has dramatically improved my trading and I am now beginning to see it show in my results as I am now finally beginning to see positive returns! Thank you F.E.T & Henri for the guidance."

"I have to say that the videos are very well done and informative. There information provided that has helped increase my knowledge base and understanding of FX trading. The videos have been great at helping me realize where I need to expand and focus my education in areas that I was not aware of."

Scott Ward

"I honestly this platform and its content is the best I've ever seen and I really enjoy it. I've learnt more during a week I've been on this platform than in the year and a half I've been trading. I have honestly learnt so much about support and resistance and areas of value in the market in which I have never noticed before and it has honestly taken my knowledge and trading to the next level. Thanks Henri!"

Adam Bennet

Membership Questions

What members asked before joining Fair Exchange Trading

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you are free to cancel your Monthly membership at any point. Our 3 Month membership is a fixed term of 3 Month's but only requires one payment.

What Membership plan should I purchase?

It depends on your goals both memberships will provide you with the same content and access to courses. However, our 3 Month Membership plan will give you a more immersive experinece as you can work 1-1 with our head trading coach.

What Markets/Asset classes do you teach?

We teach a variety of different Asset classes such as; Forex, Crypto & Index funds. Our main focus is Forex but you can take the skills learned in the courses and transfer them over to different markets and assest classes. The approach and skills we teach allow you to trade any market.

Do you offer a Free-Trial?

We will be offering a 7 day Free-Trial to our platform very soon...

So you keep unto date with exciting announcements and exclusive access to new content!

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