Module 9

Trend Reversal Patterns

5 video lessons

In module 9 we are expanding on the concept of price action patterns as you are going to be learning 'Reversal Patterns'. Throughout this module we will look at the different types of reversal patterns, the principles to define them, examples and how we can actually use them for trading opportunities.

Start Module 10 when you have completed all the lessons in this module.

Module 10

what does module 9 cover?

Lessons Covered In Module 9

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Lessons 1-2. Introduction To Reversal Patterns

This module begins by breaking down the aims, topics we will be covering and give you insight to what you will be learning over the coming lessons.


Lesons 3-5.

In these lessons you will learn the concepts, principles and definitive rules of the 'Double top' reversal pattern. You will also learn how to identify and validate a correct double top and how to identify an invalid double top too along with much more.

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Henri Walker

Founder of F.E.T

In module we expand further on the topic of pattern and in this module we take another step forward. Throughout this module we are going to dive specifically into reversal patterns.

Lesson Slides

There is a lot of information in this module and so you can download the slides from the different lessons so you can learn at your own pace.

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Principles Online Guidebook

We break down many different topics in this module we also advise to read the principles guidebook for a deeper understanding...

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