Module 5

The Complex Pullback

8 video lessons

As we come closer to the end of Principles Part 1 we continue our journey of understanding trending markets, the different moves and conditions. We explore this topic further by looking into a specific market move that is only seen when price action is already trading within a valid trend which is known as a 'Complex Pullback'.

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What does module 5 cover?

Lessons covered in module 5

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1-3. The Bullish Complex Pullback

Over these three lessons you will be introduced to a specific market move that only occurs within valid trending market conditions known as the 'Complex Pullback' and we will first look at this market move within a bullish trend. You will learn how we define this move and the reasons why it matters to us.

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4-8. The Bearish Complex Pullback 

In these 5 lessons you will learn how to identify a complex pullback within a bearish trending market. You will also learn why this move is important, what it tells us and why it also matters to us.

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Henri Walker

Founder of F.E.T

Module 5 brings us near to the end of Series 1 but in this module we look into a market move that is often seen in the price charts when price action is trading within either a valid Bullish or Bearish trend. This move is sneaky and can trap a lot of traders if they aren't careful, as it did me in the past.

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We break down many different topics in this module we also advise to read the principles guidebook for a deeper understanding...

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