Module 4

Trending Markets

10 video lessons

In module 4 you will begin to breakdown what market trends are, why they are useful to us as traders and learn how to identify trends by using all of what you have learned so far so far. This module will show you how to identify trends with a step by step process so that you can do it consistently which will become more important as you continue to progress.

Start Module 4.1 when you have completed all the lessons in this module.

What does module 4 cover?

Lessons covered in module 4

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1. An Introduction To Trending Markets

This lesson introduces to you market trends. Trends are a great way to trade the markets because the provide very profitable situations but you need to learn how to correctly identify and establish a trend and this is what you will be begin to learn and develop through this lesson and onwards.

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2. Class Bullish Trend Analysis

When it comes to identifying market trends we need to define specific market moves that we are already familiar with by using basic principles and in this lesson you will learn the 'Classic' way to identify market trends.

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3. Classic Bullish Trend Analysis PT II

Progressing from Lesson 2 in this lesson we will dive deeper into classic trend analysis.

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4. Classic Bearish Trend Analysis

In this lesson you will learn how to use what we just covered in lesson 2&3 by using the same concepts but different principles to establish a 'Classic' Bearish trend.

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5. Breaking Down Classic Trends

In the next lesson we have broken this into three parts as we are going to begin to breakdown a classic bullish trend through using the principles of HH's & HL's but how also the problems that come with this type of analysis.

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6. Breaking Down Classic Trends PT II

In this lesson we continue to breakdown a bullish trend through using classic analysis and what problems it can present.

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7. Breaking Down Classic Trends PT III

In this lesson we continue to breakdown a bullish trend through using classic analysis and what problems it can present.

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8. Problems With Classic Trend Analysis

In lesson eight we breakdown a downward trending market but also look into another problem presented when using classic trend analysis.

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9. Problems With Classic Trend Analysis PT II

In lesson 9 we carry on from lesson 8 as delve deeper into the problems presented with classic trend analysis and how it actually conflicts with other concepts we have covered so far.

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10. Problems With Classic Trend Analysis PT III

In the last lesson of this Module we conclude why this type of analysis does work but the problems that are presented and how there is a method we can use to solve these particular problems which we will learn throughout Module 4.1.

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In module 4 you will learn how to correctly understand the different types of market trends, what they mean them and how to identify them through using a step by step process. This is where everything we have been working towards begins to come together.

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