Module 4.2

The Bullish Principle Move

9 video lessons

In module 4.2 we begin to breakdown the principle move for a bullish trending market or upward trend and so we call it 'The Bullish Principle Move' as we use it to identify bullish market conditions.

You will be shown exactly how to use this move and the different principles involved along with real examples using price action so you can see exactly what it looks like in the markets.

Start Module 4.3 when you have completed all the lessons in this module.

What does module 4.2 cover?

Lessons covered in module 4.2

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1. The Bullish Principle Move PT I, II, III & IV

Over the course of these lessons you will learn the principles that define the principle move to identify and establish valid bullish trends or upward trending market conditions.

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2. Charting Examples Of The B.P.M PT I, II, III & IV

In these lessons for Module 4.2 we will breakdown down charting examples of bullish trends by using 'The Bullish Principle Move' so you can see exactly how this move looks in a real market environment.

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3. Why You Need To Label Each Market Move

In this lesson you will learn why for right now you need to be manually labelling and identifying each specific principle move.

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Henri Walker

Founder of F.E.T

In module 4.2  we take things one step further with the principle move as you will learn how to use this move to identify bullish market conditions or trends and know exactly how this move looks on the price charts when analysing price action.

Lesson Slides

There is a lot of information in this module and so you can download the slides from the different lessons so you can learn at your own pace.

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Principles Online Guidebook

We break down many different topics in this module we also advise to read the principles guidebook for a deeper understanding...

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