Module 2.3

Zones of Structure Support

5 video lessons

In module 2.3 we take everything we have learned about structure in the market (Support & Resistance) and add one more layer to this concept. As you will learn how levels of structure aren't specific price levels but more of an area of price in the market. We will then breakdown how to use areas of structure support that present an area of decision in the market for which direction the market decided to move in.

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What does module 2.3 cover?

Lessons covered in module 2.3

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1. Zones Of Structure Support

While we can identify levels of structure support we know market participants do not enter or exit the market at a specific market price but rather orders are set at an area of price. We can identify and establish where these areas/zones are in the market and how they can be useful to us.

This is quite a long lesson as we breakdown different ideas and concepts. Because of this we have sectioned this lesson into five different parts.

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Henri Walker

Founder of F.E.T

Module 2.3 progresses and expands from the topics covered in module 2.2 as you will now learn how to identify areas/zones of structure support. These zones can provide a lot of insight when analysing the price charts and making predictions to what might happen next. These zones also provide great trading opportunities.

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