Module 2.1

Structure Levels Continued

10 video lessons

In module 2.1 we take the new concepts and principles of structure along with support & resistance and expand even further. As we begin to apply the principles to the price charts and see how by using these basic principles we breakdown the markets once again to understand that the market is not random as more often than not these levels are respected than violated.

We will be adding more layers to this basic concept as we further progress through the 'Principles Series'.

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What does module 2.1 cover?

Lessons covered in module 2.1

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1-3. Support & Resistance

Support & Resistance are perhaps the most widely known concepts in forex trading. It is then important you understand this concept and but also know why it is important when analysing the markets.

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4-10. Structure Based Trading

Structure levels are that significant when it comes to trading Forex and provide that much value that we can actually just trade the markets from using these levels. As they allow us to identify entry and exit points in the market as the market more often than not respects these levels in certain market conditions.

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Henri Walker

Founder of F.E.T

Module 2.1 expands more on the areas and topics covered in module 2 but in greater depth as we begin to apply the principles of using support & resistance to the price charts and so we are able to predict which direction and potential future market moves may occur.

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We break down many different topics in this module we also advise to read the principles guidebook for a deeper understanding...

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