Founder Henri Walker

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Henri Walker is the founder of Fair Exchange Trading and designed the Ultimate Trader Programme. He's been a retail trader in the financial markets for over 5 years now, through trading his own capital and managing capital for clients in excess of £250,000.

Career wise, Henri has been through the many struggles that many retail traders face. From not knowing how to develop or use a trading system all the way to the psychological challenges of managing external capital on behalf of clients.

His true passion is helping other traders go from the position of not knowing what they are doing wrong and consistency losing money to learning how to manage their own capital and become consistently profitable.

After gaining a vast amount of experience in the financial markets over 5 years, he's committed to empowering others in their trading. By showing them how to not only successfully manage their own capital but learn how manage external capital and even become funded.

A systems based approach

In my early career of trading I was anything but consistent or profitable but that was until I began to realise the most simple way to become consistently profitable and by far the most efficient was by using systems.

A system not only allows you to become consistent but it removes probably one of the biggest dilemmas retail traders face in the markets, which is... Acting on emotion or what you think 'Might happen next'.

That is exactly why I have created the content, material and learning resources to share with you not only the same systems I use personally but to show you how to develop your own!

Trading is anything but a one size fits all! Every trader has a different style, preference and personality. That is why in the UTP I show you everything you need but I teach you in away so you can develop and discover what works for you.

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Your online learning experience

You are reading this for one of two reasons:

- You aren't yet consistently profitable and brand new to the world of Forex.

- You are struggling to break past the threshold of breakeven to become consistent profitable.

My job and the reason for the UTP is simple to help you not only learn everything 'Forex' but how to transition into a consistently profitable trader with long-term results. To help you correctly manage your own capital or seek out external investment through becoming funded or managing private clients capital.

I am here to help you level up in your trading, to be the best, well-rounded trader that you have the potential to be.