Our founder

Hi, I’m Henri Walker trader and the founder of Fair Exchange Trading. I have been in the Forex market full time for five years now and within this time I have gained invaluable experience in the trading industry.

When I was learning to trade the biggest problem I found when using learning resources both online and offline was that there was too much information available. The problem with too much information is that if it's not good quality (Which most of it isn't) it leads to confusion and its leaves you not knowing what do for the best.

After a full year of committing myself to learn how to trade I slowly began putting different pieces together and finally figuring out what it does truly take to be a consistently profitable trader. 


This is why I have created Fair Exchange Trading to provide everything you need in one place to learn how to become a consistently profitable trader and for you to truly trade with confidence like never before. All of the material I have created has been done so for 4 separate reasons; to save you from a long learning curve along with pain and wasted time but most importantly to help you get real results.

A Principle based approach

In my early career of trading I was anything but consistent or profitable but that was until I began implementing specific principles I created into my trading.

That is exactly why I have created the content, material and learning resources to share with you the exact same principles that helped me go from consistently struggling to consistently profitable.

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Your online learning experience

We are changing the landscape of trading education and that is why we are providing everything we have to offer; Courses, learning resources and unlimited access to new content in your membership plan.

The days of having to pay for separate courses to further your education are gone!

We look forward to seeing you on the other side!