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Welcome To The Ultimate Trader Programme.

The Ultimate Forex Training Programme To Help Anyone Become A Consistently Profitable trader.


Access To Content You Won't Find Anywhere Else Online

Learn The Art Of Technical Analysis

A Simple Approach To Forex


Empower Your Trading Like Never before

Assets Classes You Will Learn

Forex, Crypto Currencies & Index Funds

Core Modules

30+ Separate Training Modules 

Library of lessons

250+ Hours (4K Quality)

How The U.T.P Can Transform your

Forex Trading.

Learn how to manage your trading like your business  and learn how to reap the rewards.

Create a trading plan that you can consistently use in the markets that can give you both consistent and positive results.

Learn how to trade step by step through the entire process as a beginner to advanced with our help.

Simplifying The Process Of Forex Trading

We make the whole process of learning how to trade simple.


You don't only learn how to trade but you learn how to create a plan to guarantee positive results.

The skills we teach you can be transferred into any other Asset Class. So you can be ready to trade Forex, Crypto & Index funds.

Three Separate Course In One

Ultimate Programme!


The Foundation Course

An Introduction into Forex

We all start somewhere and the Foundation Principles we teach you will make sure you are moving in the right direction from the very beginning.

Designed to give you a solid foundation of trading to understand what the Forex market is and understand concepts that no other trading programme teaches.


What you learn from this course will be the building blocks to your success in trading.

The Advanced Trader Course

Advancing your skill set

In this course you will learn the more advanced side of trading such as; Fibonacci analysis, pattern trading, trend trading and counter trend trading. You will also learn the same trading strategies we use daily but also learn how to develop your very own trading strategy.

We show you how to find an edge in the markets for long term success.

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The Blueprint Course

If you want to take your trading to a new level then this is what you need.

In this course you will learn exactly how to treat trading like your business and be able to get all the rewards from it too.

We will cover important topics that create the path to any traders success such as; back-testing, money & risk management along with many other topics which are often overlooked but vital for success.

An Unmissable Opportunity!

Our goal is simple to help you become the best trader you can be and the way we are going to achieve that goal is together. Through being a member of FET you will have unrestricted access to the best and newest content we have made along with professional guidance and coaching at your disposal. 

You will not only have access to our Ultimate Trader Programme but also unlimited access to all the other features inside of our online platform.

Becoming A Member Of The U.T.P Also Gives You Exclusive Access To;

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Weekly market


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Online Learning

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