The Ultimate Trader Programme Has Arrived...

Learn Forex Like Never Before!

Can you imagine what it would be like to trade the market's? No more stress, fear of missing out, not knowing what to do next and not losing money?

How about being able to make profits consistently without the fear of not knowing long term results?

...And knowing full well you can trade the markets without your heart rate increasing every time you take a trade?

Well with the Ultimate Trader Programme, you can..

Welcome To The Ultimate Trader Programme.

Unlock limitless potential in the markets as you become a consistently profitable trader.


Access To Content You Won't Find Anywhere Else Online

Learn The Art Of Technical Analysis

A Simple Approach To Forex


Empower Your Trading Like Never before

Assets Classes You Will Learn

Forex, Crypto Currencies & Index Funds

Core Modules

30+ Separate Training Modules 

Library of lessons

250+ Hours (4K Quality)

Why Choose The The Ultimate Trader Programme?

Over the course of the mentorship - we will walk you through everything you need in order to:

Time is our most valuable asset. How much time are you wasting watching useless YouTube videos that don't help you move forward in your trading journey.

We want to teach what systems to use in your trading to stop wasting time, so that you can finally progress towards your goals.

Stop Wasting Time

How would it feel to finally achieve the status of 'Consistently Profitable'?

Let us show you how to get to a point where you can manage not only your Capital but external Capital too

Achieve Real Results

Make a positive impact in your life.

Knowing how to successfully trade and navigate your way through the markets without needing advice from anyone else is when you become empowered.

We can help you get to that point and beyond.

Become Independent

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Simplifying The Process Of Forex Trading

We make the whole process of learning how to trade simple.


You don't only learn how to trade but you learn how to create a plan to guarantee positive results.

The skills we teach you can be transferred into any other Asset Class. So you can be ready to trade Forex, Crypto & Index funds.

What We Will Teach You!


Your Trade Plan

Perhaps one of the most overlooked parts of trading but the most essential and crucial is your trading plan.

This is your road map to success and if followed correctly will give you jaw dropping results.

Not only will you learn how to follow a trade plan but also develop and build your own!

Results Before You Even Invest

We believe you should need to risk a single penny in the markets until you know you will have positive results.

That is why we will show you how to find out if what you are going to be trading the markets with is even profitable before EVER trading it live.

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Trading Psychology

Trading brings with it new emotions, thought processes and changes in your own mindset.

On your own this can be extremely difficult to master but with us guiding you through each part you will learn as to why 90% of traders fail and how you will be apart of the 10% who succeed.

An Unmissable Opportunity!

Our goal is simple to help you become the best trader you can be and the way we are going to achieve that goal is together. Through being a member of FET you will have unrestricted access to the best and newest content we have made along with professional guidance and coaching at your disposal. 

You will not only have access to our Ultimate Trader Programme but also unlimited access to all the other features inside of our online platform.

Becoming A Member Of The U.T.P Also Gives You Exclusive Access To;

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1-1 online coaching

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Trade video archive

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Weekly market


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Online Learning

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Charting Software 


Economic Calendar

Remember your only one trade plan away...